business punks are your partner
for direct investments

«As passionate entrepreneurs, we support our clients in the development of their direct investments. We play an active role, establish clarity and assume responsibility.»

#ThinkBig #StartSmart #ActNow #CreateValue

Direct investments –
your challenges

You would like to reduce your investment (equity or shareholder loan) within a reasonable period of time or to broaden the funding of the company. But you do not have a suitable solution that serves your interests.

You want to invest directly or you already have a portfolio of direct investments. The number of challenges is growing and so requires more and more attention and time.

So, you feel that having an entrepreneurial partner at your side is better than being alone.

As an investor you have identified untapped growth opportunities and innovation potential. To develop, test and scale these innovations it takes a different way of thinking.

But in your view the management team is unpersuaded or acts too hesitantly.

You have invested in a promising business plan. Despite careful risk assessment and analysis of all influencing factors, the plan does not work as anticipated. You realise that a fresh approach to the challenges will beneficial.

But classical consultants do not match your entrepreneurial attitude to develop your direct investments.

Your added value –
a business punk as partner

We are entrepreneurs

We have years of practical experience with start-ups, scale-ups and medium-sized companies – we know what has to happen beyond theories in order to be successful.

We work as your trusted partner. We have aligned goals. We act as if it were our own investment.

We are innovators

New, big ideas are not created with old thinking and behaviour.

Together we think big and set ourselves no limits. We focus on the full potential and reflect with experiences from other industries.

We are craftsmen

For us, strategy is an active management tool: strategy is important – execution is critical!

We work with the management team, stay hands on and integrate consultants and specialists as required.

Brand Promise

We think big

We are passionate entrepreneurs and set no limits to what is possible. Thinking and taking responsibility for our actions is part of our DNA.

We develop possibilities

We are used to identifying opportunities and systematically developing them.

We solve problems

We take care of the important matters and start with the next logical step to solve problems that are worth being solved.

Our Framework

#ThinkBig – think big collectively and set ambitious goals

#StartSmart – with an agile strategy, focus on the next logical step – think in eco-systems and partnerships

#ActNow – implement agreed measures with a results-oriented “rhythm”

#CreateValue – growth devours money – that is why the focus is on cash flow and not profit

Our framework is based on the principles of sustainable corporate governance and sustainability with respect to the environment and society

We are passionate, committed and play to win. Thanks to our distinctive curiosity we are always striving for new knowledge.

That’s why we invest time and resources before each engagement to discover the keys to success, identify the core challenges and the growth opportunities.

We are convinced: creating value requires a reliable and proven entrepreneurial craftsmanship.
That is why we have developed a framework and use it exclusively for our customers.

We assume responsibility as part of the team and jointly create value. We speak of “we” and not of “they”.

Our clients include
  • Entrepreneurs, private investors and business angels
  • Holding and investment firms, family offices
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Management boards of ambitious companies
Some of our engagements: